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Lost heart earring to take

Lost heart earring to take

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Lost heart earring to take ,For the pleasure of giving

its pretty earrings will add sparkle to your outfit.

Handcrafted in epoxy resin

-earring length 3/5

Take care of your resin jewelry

Each collection offered by Alljolies reveals different colors. To preserve their shine, it is important not to expose your resin jewelry to direct sunlight for a long time. Too bright a radiation may gradually alter the pigments, resulting in a "dull" and dull color. When you are not wearing your jewelry, avoid leaving it exposed on a dresser or bedside table. Store them preferably away from light and moisture.

Your Alljolies jewelry is made to be worn every day. As with all jewelry, shock, salt and exposure to hot weather is not recommended. Therefore, it is better to remove your accessories in the shower, but also at the beach, at the pool or when you exercise

To clean them, you just need to regularly polish your jewelry with a soft, dry cloth, reserved for this use. Preferably choose wool or felt, more respectful of the material. This simple gesture will remove deposits of material that could eventually alter the resin. If your part is stained, rub gently with a damp cloth, without adding detergent.

The metal parts, chains and clasp, are maintained in the conventional way, by light brushing. If you want to use a commercial cleaner, it is imperative to avoid splashing on the resin parts.

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